Sun Conjunct Lilith Synastry

In synastry astrology charts, when Lilith is conjunct the Sun, relationships tend to be supportive and wholesome. They tend to be sexually passionate, but the passion may show itself as irritation, frustration, or even violence.
Sun conjunct North Node synastry
Despite having equal amounts of passion, sex may or may not play an important role in the couple’s relationship. A sense of shared suffering may emerge. In Sun quincunx Lilith synastry , everyone can feel their pain.
When these focused “maladjustments” during the Sun-Lilith conjunction are strong, the victims in the relationship often fail to make a healthy adjustment, leading to separation. Relationships can also become tension-filled and uncomfortable.

As long as both individuals can identify their own part in the “maladjustment” it won’t be such a negative force.

Lilith and the Sun occasionally influence each other, and they can be a powerful influence in a person’s psychological makeup and character in general. The Sun conjunct Lilith synastry can set the stage for important events and help to enhance both the person’s creative and sexual energy.

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