Starting a Handyman Business – What’s the Most Important Thing You Need certainly to Do?

Recently I wrote a write-up giving people a checklist of just how to start a handyman business. In this short article I wish to provide you with the one most important facet of starting a handyman business or any kind of business.

After several years of building, managing rental properties and running a phrase is handyman services business, I have learned that being successful in your home repair arena really boiled down to one thing: Give great customer service.

Yes you need to have a written plan covering the how you are going to run your business. (See my article Starting a Handyman Business – Checklist) However, it won’t matter how great your plan is if you may not give great service

Below are a few tips to follow along with when you are working with people:

Always, always return all calls promptly phrase is homeowners insurance. This is the number one complaint we found out about whenever a customer wasn’t happy. Even if it’s employment that you cannot do, ensure you call the customer back promptly.

Which brings me to the next point, if you obtain a call about employment that’s something you may not do, either you may not have the data, the various tools, or the time, ensure you tell the customer immediately. I don’t know how often times we heard customers complaining that somebody came out to provide estimate, didn’t let them know the work was something they might not do, and kept the customer hanging for per week or more. Never do this. Continually be upfront with the customer

Never make a promise you cannot keep. Customers will remember things you tell them. Make certain you may not use phrases like, “piece of cake”, “this won’t cost much”, and so on. Customer won’t only understand that you said this job won’t cost much, they’ll hold you to it. A motto that people adopted was to under commit and over deliver.

Always give more service than your customer expects.

Continually be punctually and courteous.

Always treat your customer like these were your only customer, regardless of what size job you’re doing for them

These ideas apply whether you are just starting a handyman business or if you have held it’s place in business for awhile. Customer care is the only way your organization will survive and thrive.


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