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The device was recalled due to a defect in a part that caused the staples to improperly close incisions, leading to leakage and bleeding at these sites. Damage caused by the malformed staples required additional surgery to repair the faulty closures. In 2019, Ethicon recalled its reloadable surgical staplers due to the flaws mentioned above. Surgeons typically use staplers during gastrointestinal tract surgeries to create connections between sutures during the procedure. Ethicon stapler products have already caused serious injuries to patients, and the company issued a recall for the products.

On Oct. 30, 2019, the FDA announced another Class I recall of Ethicon staplers. This second recall included multiple types of the ECHELON FLEX™ ENDOPATH® Staplers that were manufactured from July 18, 2019, and Aug. 3, 2019. These devices included components in the jaws of the devices that were out of specification and caused staple malformations leading to seven injured patients and one death. Patients who have had gastric bypass surgery (“stomach stapling surgery”) have filed lawsuits that accuse Ethicon of selling defective staplers.

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If you or a loved one have been harmed in any way by defective Ethicon surgical staplers, we strongly encourage you to contact a lawyer regarding your legal rights and options. According to a number of surgical stapler lawsuits brought to the attention of the court, plaintiffs accuse surgical stapler manufacturers of how the medical devices have defective designs. ethicon lawsuit staples Our attorneys are currently evaluating and investigating claims on behalf of patients severely injured or killed by defective or misused surgical staples and staplers during gastrointestinal and abdominal type surgeries. If you have been injured during surgery, and believe that you qualify for a surgical stapler lawsuit pleasecontact us immediately.

The contact form sends information by non-encrypted email, which is not secure. Submitting a contact form, sending a text message, making a phone call, or leaving a voicemail does not create an attorney-client relationship. For instance, if the staple is placed in an abdominal organ or the intestine, this could lead to the contents leeching out into the abdominal cavity.

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Get in touch with our experienced lawyers today and get your surgical stapler mishap reviewed for free by filling out the free consultation form on our website. Many surgical stapler lawsuits claim error by the surgeon caused injuries or death of patients, but there have many, many reports of defective surgical staplers that misfired provoking questions of fault. The risk reclassification of these devices, product recalls and media reports about stapler malfunctions being hidden from the public are likely to drive an increase in surgical stapler lawsuits.

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Patients affected by a defective Ethicon stapler may be entitled to take legal action through an Ethicon surgical stapler class-action lawsuit. Our team of experienced medical device lawyers can assist in seeking to hold Ethicon (and parent company Johnson & Johnson) accountable for selling these allegedly defective products. Our team of defective medical device lawyers can help determine which surgical stapler was used in your procedure, identify any parties that are liable for your injuries, and explore all of your surgical stapler lawsuit options. While surgical stapler manufacturers have known of the problems with their devices, and the amount of malfunctions that were occurring, the doctors and hospitals that use these devices have been kept in the dark. A recent investigative report by Kaiser Health News discovered that the malfunction reports received by surgical stapler manufacturers were being kept in an obscure non-public database. As a result, when a doctor or a hospital would go to look up information about the safety of these devices, they would only see a handful of malfunction reports, as opposed to the 109,997 that were actually sent in.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult for a patient to determine the type of staples used in a surgery, as they are internally placed. As a result, it may be helpful to retain an attorney who can obtain the medical records and review these records to determine what types of stapes were used. At our firm, we have nurses on our full-time staff who are experienced in medical records review, and who assist in understanding the full nature of a surgery.

There may be various other forms of settlement offered, which is why we motivate you to call us immediately. They can help close wounds quickly and with a strong closure that doesn’t reopen easily. There’s typically a low risk of infection from the sterile surgical staples used. Plus, there’s a minimal risk of the tissue reacting to the staples. However, like all surgical devices, there’s still a risk, especially when the company that manufactures them produces staplers with a defect.

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